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Making health care easier for the everyday Australian

15th March 2022

The current crisis is severely testing the health care ecosystem. The pandemic has emphasised a need for increased patient focus to help improve access to gold standard PCR testing for COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses. It also underlines the need for healthcare organisations to scale up on the adoption of digital technologies to help manage customer experience effectively. With the rise for the need of GP referrals as in Queensland and Western Australia, and soon likely the other states to follow, Xtracare Health endeavours assist in this process by making the access to GP referrals easier and quicker.


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Xtracare Health platform delivers personalised, meaningful, and actionable insights to helping eligible patients to obtain fast, easy access to high quality PCR testing for COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses such as influenza and RSV. Our platform is providing an AI-based clinical pathway compliant to deliver timely and on-budget best in-class digital health platform.

For this achievement, Xtracare Health embrace innovation which has made significant impact to the community by enabling an early diagnosis of potential life threatening viruses.

Xtracare Health has performed over 86,000 respiratory reviews for digital consultation. 

22,241 cases of COVID-19 detected 

10,022 cases of Influenza detected 

9,939 cases of RSV detected 

Xtracare Health has also succeeded in:

Saving Medicare approximately $3,357,861 in Level B GP consultations. 

86,099 patients not having to seek a GP referral at $39.

Freeing up over 10,044 hours of GP availability. 

86,099 consults at 7 minutes each 

Xtracare Health platforms can prove useful for patients as a way to supplement in person care. We are paving the path to a new patient experience by simplifying self-managing and reducing the spread of respiratory viruses in the community by enabling an early diagnosis.

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