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Established in 2004, we are a team of Information Technology professionals with domain expertise in Public and Private Healthcare integration platform solutions. 


With the constant frustrations of ineffective and disconnected systems in healthcare, we sought to see the healthcare industry advance through the use of innovative IT solutions. 

We are passionate about using digital technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness for healthcare workers in delivering their services, whilst empowering patients to take control of their own healthcare. 


Since our launch, we have partnered with the Federal and State Government of Australia and private health institutions, both nationally and internationally, to provide high quality processes and systems between healthcare professionals and patients.


We pride ourselves in our understanding of technical solutions and industry experience and our passion to continue to help even more healthcare organisations in their journey to improve patient outcomes. 

Project Meeting


To build a smarter healthcare industry with innovative and meaningful digital solutions.

Our vision is to create innovative digital solutions that improve healthcare outcomes and patient experiences that positively impact the healthcare industry in Australia and beyond. 


Above and Beyond

In everything we do, we go the 'Xtramile'.


We adapt to our ever changing world, reflecting on new technologies and behaviours to ensure we are constantly advancing with the way we think, operate and all our offerings.


Innovation is something we  take pride in. Understanding and integrating the latest technologies, systems and processes to improve the existing.



We move together, as a team. We play to one another’s strengths and help each other in all we do. 

Customer Centric 

Our clients are the core of who we are. We value them and take pride in understanding their needs and wants. We focus on our customers to ensure that we provide them with the best experience and solutions. 


Open and clear communication is ingrained into our culture. We take initiative to present our ideas and expertise consistently so no one feels left in the dark or unknown.


Information and data security is very important to us, especially when dealing with our clients, each other and with patients. Confidentiality is something we take very seriously and what we believe  trust is acted on.

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