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About This Role

You will be expected to possess an in-depth understanding of demonstrate extensive experience in maintaining and installing computer hardware, software, and networks. You will play a key role in ensuring that a company’s employees can use software and hardware to complete their daily tasks. 

Bali, Indonesia


Full time



Key Responsibilities

  • IT Software and Hardware Knowledge: 

    • Install and configure hardware and software components

    • Install and upgrade antivirus software

  • Networking Knowledge: 

    • ​Have a strong understanding of network infrastructure, including LAN, WAN, routers, switches, and firewalls.

    • They should be familiar with TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, and other networking protocols.

  • Network Security: 

    • ​Have knowledge of network security principles and best practices.

    • Should be able to implement and maintain security measures such as firewalls, threat detection systems, VPNs, and access controls

  • Cloud Network Management (Cloud and on-premises) 

    • ​Have experience managing on-prem or cloud private networks.

    • Familiar with network security groups, routing tables, subnetting, and network monitoring.

    • Able to establish secure connectivity between on-premises networks and cloud networks, using technologies such as VPN (Virtual Private Network), Direct Connect, or ExpressRoute.

    • Understand network architecture considerations, encryption protocols, and routing configurations for hybrid environments.

  • Data Backup and Recovery 

    • ​Have knowledge of data backup strategies and be capable of implementing and managing backup solutions to ensure data integrity and facilitate recovery in the event of data loss or system failures.

  • Microsoft 365 Administration

    • ​Able to manage Microsoft 365 services, including Exchange Online, SharePoint, Teams, and Azure Active Directory.

    • Should have experience in user management, group policies, security settings, and troubleshooting common issues.

  • IT Documentation and Reporting 

    • ​Should possess strong documentation skills and be able to maintain accurate records of network configurations, system updates, troubleshooting procedures, and other relevant IT documentation.

    • Be able to generate regular reports on network performance, security incidents, and system status.

  • Vendor Management

    • ​Should have experience in managing relationships with IT vendors, including hardware and software providers, and able to coordinate procurement, licensing, and support activities with vendors to ensure smooth operations.

  • Research and Development 

    • Test and evaluate new technology ​

    • Define software, hardware and network requirements 

  • Troubleshooting Skills 

    • Able to troubleshooting, identify and resolve PC and network issues efficiently. ​

  • Troubleshooting Skills 

    • Able to troubleshooting, identify and resolve PC and network issues efficiently ​

    • Able to diagnose hardware and software problems, perform root cause analysis, and implement appropriate solutions. 


  • Excellent and fluent in English (verbal and written) 

  • Candidate must possess at least bachelor's degree in computer science/Information Technology or equivalent 

  • At least 3+ years of working experience in the related field is required for this position 

  • High-level knowledge of commonly used software, hardware, and applications 

  • Skilled in hardware and software installation

  • Proficient with Windows, MacOS and Linux Distro 

  • Demonstrated written communication skills to create useful support logs 

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills to troubleshoot and diagnose issues 

  • Time management skills to provide updates and fixes within a promised time frame 

  • Multitasking skills to assist multiple employees at once 

  • Observational skills to recognise warning signs that indicate potential problems 

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